Lust Stories Season 1 NETFLIX Original


Know the hidden secrets and feelings they desired which they are hiding from the world in the stories of a teacher who wants to explore her life more interestingly in her own terms and conditions.
A maid’s story who can’t get what she wished for and is fulfilling others desires which somehow makes her feel something which she didn’t hope for.
The story of a wife who is a mother of 2 children’s who left her dreams, desires and happiness to stand by her husband but wishes the complete the emptiness of her life and the things she wanted which she gets but the consequences do not allow her to do so.
At last the story of a young girl who somehow compromising her desires and wishes for the sake of family but this is not helping her and the unsatisfying desires are questioning her is this what she wants.

Initial release15 June 2018
Cinematography: K. U. Mohanan

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