Finding of Pablo seems to be stopped after he made a deal with the government, but Murphy and pena- and the cell cartel have some other plans. Direct Download Link Openload
An unfortunate mistake forced the government to change the plan in fight against Pablo. But Pablo cast bigger threats from inside of his empire. Direct Download Link Openload
Pablo hides as the political Crest turns against him, but he get's a way to fight back. Murphy and Pena finally involved the CIA to help them. Direct Download Link Openload
Pena and Carrillo close in on Gacha, while Murphy tries to secure pro-extradition candidate Gaviria from a blatant assassin connected to Pablo. Direct Download Link Openload
Pablo's utmost methods put narcos on the brim of war with Carrillo and the government. Pena tries to safeguard his witness, Elisa. Direct Download Link Openload
Even though a new deportation treaty, the U.S. puts more money into the fighting communism, creating new hurdles for Murphy and Pena in the way of finding Pablo. Direct Download Link Openload
Murphy gets to know how deep the government is corrupted when he and Pena try to unmask Escobar's political dreams by proving he's a narco. Direct Download Link Openload
Communist radical group M-19 takes an action against the narcos, while Murphy is studying in Colombian law enforcement from his new partner Pena. Direct Download Link Openload
Know the hidden secrets and feelings they desired which they are hiding from the world in the stories of a teacher who wants to explore her life more interestingly in her own terms and conditions. A maid's story who can't...
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